The One with Google’s New Privacy Policy

Do you have a Google account? I would presume that you have received Google’s email that their new privacy policy is about to change by March 1, 2012. Being an employee of a company that promotes a high level of global data privacy, I have been constantly concerned as to how Google uses our accounts and if ever they “share” parts of our accounts to third party vendors, in order for them to generate a lot of income. Do they sell or share, without our knowledge, our personal information? One thing that subscribers may fail to notice is a somewhat hidden Google setting that is attached to their accounts.

I am going to teach you on how we could disable this seemingly harmless setting so that Google cannot track our web use. If we allow its default setting (enabled), our personal security could be at great risk.

Here’s the step-by-step procedure:

1. Log-in to your Google account. For this, I suggest that you always use a secured connection by using the prefix HTTPS instead of the usual HTTP.

2. Once successfully logged in, click this link:

3. At the lowest part of your Account Settings, look for something like that of the screenshot below.  So under “Services”, click on “Go to Web History“. If you see another logon screen, simply log-in again.

Google Account Settings

Did you notice the following? Did it somehow ring a data privacy bell?

After logging in (the second time around), make sure that you “pause” web history tracking and also click on “Remove all web history“. By doing these, you ensure a greater enhancement of your own privacy.

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2 thoughts on “The One with Google’s New Privacy Policy

  1. Shinoda

    i followed your instructions in my own google account and it’s only now that i knew about this sort of unknown personal security intervention. thank u for sharing. it helps people like me

    • archie zamora

      You’re welcome SHinoda.I’d appreciate if you also like our Facebook page.Regards,

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