The One with Google’s New Privacy Policy

Do you have a Google account? I would presume that you have received Google’s email that their new privacy policy is about to change by March 1, 2012. Being an employee of a company that promotes a high level of global data privacy, I have been constantly concerned as to how Google uses our accounts and if ever they “share” parts of our accounts to third party vendors, in order for them to generate a lot of income. Do they sell or share, without our knowledge, our personal information? One thing that subscribers may fail to notice is a somewhat hidden Google setting that is attached to their accounts.

I am going to teach you on how we could disable this seemingly harmless setting so that Google cannot track our web use. If we allow its default setting (enabled), our personal security could be at great risk.

Here’s the step-by-step procedure:

1. Log-in to your Google account. For this, I suggest that you always use a secured connection by using the prefix HTTPS instead of the usual HTTP.

2. Once successfully logged in, click this link:

3. At the lowest part of your Account Settings, look for something like that of the screenshot below.  So under “Services”, click on “Go to Web History“. If you see another logon screen, simply log-in again.

Google Account Settings

Did you notice the following? Did it somehow ring a data privacy bell?

After logging in (the second time around), make sure that you “pause” web history tracking and also click on “Remove all web history“. By doing these, you ensure a greater enhancement of your own privacy.

Any thoughts? Please let me know by commenting on my post. Please also like our Facebook page.


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The One with FHM’s March 2005 Issue

After my post yesterday, I received a lot of emails asking me to provide more links to FHM Philippines’ digital magazines. They even asked if I have back-issues. In fact, I actually bought this March 2005 magazine on a 7-Eleven branch in Ortigas Center  Pasig City during my previous employment with a prestigious shipping company.

And so I have decided to share with you FHM Philippines’ March 2005 issue. It’s a password-protected Powerpoint file which is intended for my ZenPinoy readers.

No copyright infringement intended.

Download the file by clicking here.

I will share the password if you hit the “like” button on ZenPinoy’s Facebook page. See top-right corner of this page.

Watch out as I provide the password via Facebook!


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The One with FHM’s January 2012 Issue

FHM Philippines January 2012

Would you like to download an issue of FHM Philippines for January 2012?

Today, I have come across a downloadable version for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s the Mediafire link:

Download 79.2 Mb pdf file

However, I’d suggest that you buy the actual magazine if you have enough money.


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Rated PG: Tiyak na Wagas

Minsan, ang hirap i-justify kung ano o sino nga ba ang tama o mali. Sa mga nangyayari sa buhay natin, parang ang hirap i-distinguish kung ano ang talagang totoo o kung ano ang perception mo lang bilang isang tao. Naalala ko tuloy yung “Four-way test” ng Rotary Club Int’l.

Of the things we think, say or do:

1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to ALL concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to ALL concerned?

Mahirap ba yang gawin? Kailangan bang gumastos nang bonggang-bongga para magawa ang mga ito? Masisira ba ang dignidad at prinsipyo mo sa buhay kung susundin mo ang mga yan? Ikaw na!

Lahat tayo nagkakamali, walang perpekto — tyak yun. Hindi ako nagmamalinis. Maging sa sarili ko, itinatanim ko iyan, dahil may mga kamalian din ako sa buhay.

Sana, maski dalawa sa apat na iyan ay masagot natin ng “YES”. Kung mangyayari yun, siguro, walang away, inggitan o samaan ng loob, lalo na sa mga taong nakakasalamuha natin sa araw-araw.

Sa Bible naman, dalawa lang din ang pinakamahalagang utos ng Diyos (based sa Matthew 22:36-40) :

36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

Kung tutuusin, simple lang ang mga iyan pero bakit ang hirap gawin? So kung iyan ay hindi na natin kaya, paano pa kaya yung mga batas ng tao o kaya naman ay company policy na siguradong mas technical at siguradong mas mahirap isabuhay hindi ba?

Iyan ang wagas kong status update ngayon. Sana ay naging mabuti ang dulot nito sa ating lahat. Hindi ko hangad na magparinig lang o manghiya ng kapwa. And like what I said, I remind that even to myself.

Ito nga pala ay Rated PG — patnubay ng mas ma-gulang ay hindi kailangan.


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The One with the Choice

As I write this article, I am on my fourth and final day of straight vacation leave. It’s a physical vacation from work but I didn’t get anywhere as far more exciting than staying at home with my family. I simply limited my thoughts from work-related to being an all-around dad. Parents like me would readily know, without explanation; that this means 24/7 house chores and limited personal space. Yet I somehow managed to reach out to some friends through Facebook, during the first two days by alternately doing my home duties and in-between FB breaks. Then last weekend, I disconnected from the net. My in-between breaks would then be watching movies instead. You see, I can’t normally watch movies, and in being able to do so, I somehow felt the chill that I’m on vacation (for some of you this might just be a normal weekend routine).

I’m not asking nor expecting anyone to have pity on me of some sort. We all have different experiences in life. I just wanted to share with you a few bits of mine. So anyway, last Sunday, I watched a 2008 movie produced by Star Cinema, “Caregiver”. After watching the movie, I realized a lot about life and was inspired on another level.

 Well, here’s the full trailer for your convenience:

Throughout life, plans have been made for us – at first by our parents; then by ourselves, by loved ones or by our superiors. It’s having a goal and reaching it. But of course, our plans may change over time depending on many personal and environmental factors. Some things also happen beyond our control. For now, I’d steer clear from biblical terms. I’ll just say things based on my personal observation. While it’s true that we plot our career and family life, there are factors which may or may not help us achieve our goals. Health may fail, accidents may happen, good things and luck may come without any intervention, inequality happens. Unfortunately, some people might actually pull us down. But let us not forget that we are responsible for whatever is happening in our own lives. We should not blame others or our past, for that matter.

Therefore, if we choose to motivate ourselves and pursue our goals, despite the hindrances, we could possibly do it. It’s a matter of perspective. And as the saying goes, change is constant. It’s about being responsible for yourself. If you think that the powerful pulls you down, then release yourself from their power and let better options come in. That way you have good control on your desired path.

And so, this part of the movie, “Caregiver”, as taken from its actual script, provided me an insanely profound wisdom. It’s where the caregiver’s patient wrote her a letter prior to the latter’s death:

You’ve always said that everything you do is for your husband and your son. They are lucky men indeed to have you as wife and mother. And I am lucky for having you as a carer. But I want you never to forget…that you are a person too. And it is vital that you live your own life. And do things that make you feel alive. If I have one is that you grow old happy and without regrets.

Would you make your life and other people’s lives miserable or would you make positive thoughts and actions to improve yourself and others? Would you pull other people down or would you help them in their growth? Would you use others so you can easily achieve your goals or would you play fair and see who the best really is?

You can make a choice… right now. In the end, I hope we all grow old happy and without regrets. Cheers!

p.s. and oh, prayers would help 🙂

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The One with “If I Was You”

Before I start, it will help if you watch the following videos.

The first one’s a song from Far East Movement, featuring Snoop Dogg, entitled “If I Was You”:

And here’s another from Eminem, featuring Bruno Mars, entitled “Lighters”:

If you notice, the songs I just mentioned (which I love, by the way) contained the phrase “if I was you” as part of the lyrics. Oh, and if you watch Rush Hour 2, there’s a part where Chris Tucker said this phrase to Jacky Chan, too (I love Rush Hour too so don’t get me wrong).

I wonder if this phrase is correct so I did some research and found out that public opinion is almost divided, even in the countries where English is the primary language.

According to BBC U.K. :

“If I was” is a colloquial alternative to “if I were”.

In speech, many English people say “If I was”, but “If I were” is held to be grammatically correct.

It is better, therefore, to stick to “If I were”, as in these two examples:

“If I were you, I’d fill the tank now so that we don’t run out of petrol.”

“If I were to call in on my way home from work, would that be all right?”

In my analysis, “if I was you” may be commonly used in colloquial English (slang) but in written English, it is a mark of poor grammar. “If I was you” is non-standard English and would therefore be considered more appropriate in informal contexts, whereas “If I were you” is Standard English and would therefore be considered more appropriate in formal contexts. Neither is more correct.

I’m not sure how many of us even noticed this the moment we heard the songs. Perhaps, that’s because of our perception. Some of us subconsciously believe that “if I was you” is correct or acceptable (at least in the slang-perspective) while some believe that “if I were” you is grammatically correct, and putting it on an informal context (such as song lyrics) won’t do any harm.

I personally believe that “if I were you” is grammatically correct and should be used, especially if the one who will deliver those words is a known figure and is about to influence the major population through any available media possible.

Of course we are free to use colloquial terms in our daily conversations or even in informal writings. However, we might want to prefer grammatical conventions especially when academics, business writing or any formality is involved.

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The One with the Blank Screen Syndrome

I admit, I don’t know what to write about. Some say this could be a writer’s block or blank screen syndrome. As the terminologies suggest, it’s having a blank mind. It happens when I try to write, and just stare at my computer monitor as if I’m waiting if that blinking cursor on a blank Microsoft Word document would turn into a genie and grant me my wishes! Or in simple terms, get hypnotized and fall asleep.

Where did creativity go? Where is passion? Where am I? Basilio? Crispin? (never mind, folks)

They say that writer’s block is common especially to those people who make writing their profession. It makes real sense! After all, a professional writer is always under pressure as to which topic to choose and has to finish the draft on a specified deadline. But I’m not like that. I’m a blogger. I write whatever that comes in to my mind, what interests me, what annoys me, anything I could think of – without the hassle of having to meet a deadline or having to satisfy the taste of editors (who will keep editing your work until it’s not yours anymore..hahaha). So I’m not supposed to have this writer’s block, don’t you think?

I’ll be back into writing. I know this block is temporary.

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The One with the Pencil

Closeup view of the tip of a pencil.

Image via Wikipedia

I have read an article by a renowned Filipino preacher (in blue jeans), Brother Bo Sanchez, and I would like to share it with you. I happen to have received this via email subscription. I hope you’ll find this article useful in your daily life, as much as I do. 🙂

Here are the five things that are common between you (us) and a pencil:

1. A Pencil Has Purpose

God made a pencil to make its mark in this world. Early on, it must establish its purpose—it’s not a backscratcher, or a toy that you twirl around your finger, or a can opener, or (sorry for the grossness) an ear cleaner…

       If a pencil diverts its purpose, it will destroy its very existence. It you use it for something else, it will endanger its life. The pencil gets broken and you won’t be able to write anymore.

       In the same way, you need to establish your purpose. You can’t be distracted, or you endanger your very existence. You must be focused on one thing. What is your one thing?

       I don’t know about you, but I like to be with people of purpose. Who know their one thing. Because they are focused on one thing, they are excellent people. They move with direction.

       I ask you again: What’s your one thing?

2. A Pencil Has Priority

The inside of a pencil is more important than the outside of the pencil. Because the insides are connected to its purpose. On the outside, it could be have dirt, have bite marks, have chipped paint, but that doesn’t matter as long as its insides are working.

       Like the pencil, your purpose is connected to what’s inside you, not what’s outside you.

What am I saying? Your money or your house or your car or your watch or your cell phone won’t make you happy. It’s what’s inside you that will make you happy.

       The Divine imprint is in you. Inside you is the image and likeness of God. The Bible says “Christ dwells in you.” (Colossians 1:27) and that you are the “Temple of the Holy Spirit” (1 Corinthians 3:16).

       Value what’s in you more than what’s outside you!

3. A Pencil Needs Pain

A pencil has to go through painful sharpening if it’s to be useful. If it doesn’t go through pain, it won’t be able to fulfill its purpose.

In the same way, you need to prepare yourself to go through painful sharpening—if you want God to use you. You will go through trials to test you, teach you, and train you to be better than you were before.

Look back into your life.

There must be a reason why you went through what you went through. There’s a reason why you went through that molestation, that separation, that abortion, that deprivation, isolation, that temptation, that purgation, that tribulation…

I was molested as a child. I will not wish it on my worst enemy. Yet I am able to speak words of healing today because of the pain that I went through.

4. A Pencil Needs Perseverance

If it makes a mistake, the pencil doesn’t give up. Why? Because it knows it has an eraser. The pencil simply erases its mistakes, and moves on. It doesn’t beat itself and condemn itself and say, “Oh, I’m so terrible. Why did I make a mistake? I’m a total failure.” No such words. When it makes a mistake, it simply erases and moves on.

       In the same way, when you make a mistake, God gave you an eraser. It’s the most powerful eraser in the world. It’s called forgiveness.

God forgives you. And asks you to forgive yourself. And asks you to forgive others.

Use your eraser everyday!

5. A Pencil Needs Power

A pencil left by itself cannot fulfill its purpose. Because its power doesn’t come from itself but from the hand that holds it. For the pencil to make its mark in the world, it needs to allow someone’s hand to hold it.

In the same way, you need to allow God’s hand to hold you so you can fulfill your sacred purpose.

Are you allowing God’s hand to hold you, direct you, and use you now?

       Friend, let God hold you now.


Original article by Brother Bo Sanchez. As such, credits and copyright, implied or not, belong to him.

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The One with Our “Pagpag” Experience

Araneta Center

Yesterday, we went to Araneta Center in Cubao, as a last-minute shopping in preparation for today’s school opening. Our group consisted of my wife, our two sons, two of their cousins and me. We badly needed companions because we can’t handle everything all by ourselves. We bought school bags, pairs of shoes, under garments and other school necessities. We spent several hours hopping from one mall to another just to find the most affordable, yet usable items. We didn’t know that two of my brother-in-laws and their kids also went in the same place separately.

National Bookstore (the red building)

So like destiny, we headed and all unexpectedly gathered in the same place, the last destination for the day – National Bookstore (its largest branch infront of Araneta Coliseum). It was full-packed, like Holiday rush!

We were so tired. Our group was about to leave for home when my eldest brother-in-law, Andy, invited us for dinner first (it was almost 6pm then). There were 7 kids and all of them wanted to eat at a nearby Jollibee. But Andy refused. He told us there’s a place inside Farmer’s Market (yes, the Market and not the Plaza) called “Dampa” (like a large food court) where we should eat.


So off we went, ordered a variety of meals. It was like a feast, nevertheless. Being a food lover, I ate a lot and had a really full stomach. Perhaps because of their curiosity, my kids played with some large shrimps like those were toys. I helped them debone one shrimp, took some of its meat with a fork and offered them to eat it. But they didn’t want to. They just played with it. Basically, there were some leftovers. Beside me is a half-full bowl of steamed rice which we can no longer consume.

We were about to go when a young man perhaps in his late twenties, approached us, and asked if he could have our leftovers. I handed him the bowl of excess rice beside me. He took it. Suddenly, without any word, he took every leftover that’s on our table, even the chicken bones, shrimp shells, the ones toyed by my kids – literally everything! He placed them on that bowl of rice. I thought he’ll use it to feed pigs (kanin-baboy) or dogs. But to our amazement, he went to a nearby table and took a seat. He was with his wife who was holding their BABY. He gave our leftover chicken bones to his baby and the child grabbed it like it was the first bone she ever saw and munched in her entire life! The man ate without any sign of shame. His wife just stared. She didn’t eat. Well, her husband didn’t seem to offer her but still, maybe she felt uneasy. I can tell that their baby was so hungry that she was eating our leftovers. I was so shocked, and so as the rest of our family. We all saw what happened. I felt so sorry for the baby! We were heartbroken.

A face of poverty..

We didn’t speak a word for a few minutes. Then I burst into tears that I was forcing to keep inside myself. I told my wife, “Ma, do you have any money? Maybe we can give them any amount so they can buy decent food for themselves, especially for the baby.” She nodded and approached them.

With all of our belongings, we followed my wife. Everyone in Dampa (there were quite a few customers at that time) were looking, but didn’t want to involve themselves. She gave the woman an amount I won’t mention. The woman expressed her thanks. She also told us that her husband had money earlier in the day but spent it on gambling! Imagine that! My wife showed dismay and told the husband to find a decent job and buy something for his family to eat, especially for the baby.

A child in need.

We left them with heavy burdens in our hearts. We knew that it was not enough. It was only a temporary solution. But most importantly, we were very concerned about the baby. She was too exposed in the cruelty of the world. She is a victim – just like many other babies who live in extreme poverty. How many of them exist in our society? What have we done to help them, even reach out to them?

As a moral lesson, I told the kids we were so blessed that we didn’t have to eat leftovers (“Pagpag”) and that we should never waste food. We should consume and share what God has provided us, because many families live in poverty that they will eat anything, even those they find in the garbage. Maybe, God wanted us to learn, that’s why He didn’t allow us to eat at Jollibee. He wanted to show us how serious poverty really is.

Hapag ng pag-asa

Despite the burden, we also felt blessed. Sometimes we think that God has forsaken us. Sometimes we think that we are all alone — financially, physically and emotionally laden. We complain too much. But if we just try to understand and recognize the blessings around us, we will realize that God has in fact been good to us all the time. He never left us.

May God bless all families in the world, most especially the ones who are fighting against hunger.

Kevin Carter took this photograph -- a staving toddler trying to reach a feeding center when a vulture landed nearby. Carter later claimed that after waiting twenty minutes in the hope that the vulture would spread its wings, he took a picture and then chased off the vulture.


Note: All pictures were from various sources. I don’t take ownership of the pictures as I had no camera with me yesterday.

The Baby and the Vulture

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The One with the Fails

Just some pictures I don’t own nor take credit for..  Have a great (and safe) weekend everyone!!

Have you watched "The Never Ending Story"?

They say "Don't drink and drive." Imagine that this drunk man is just about to drive.. He is just looking for his car, folks! (itago nyo ang kotse nya, dali!!!!!!!)

Double Knock out!

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