The One with the Blank Screen Syndrome

I admit, I don’t know what to write about. Some say this could be a writer’s block or blank screen syndrome. As the terminologies suggest, it’s having a blank mind. It happens when I try to write, and just stare at my computer monitor as if I’m waiting if that blinking cursor on a blank Microsoft Word document would turn into a genie and grant me my wishes! Or in simple terms, get hypnotized and fall asleep.

Where did creativity go? Where is passion? Where am I? Basilio? Crispin? (never mind, folks)

They say that writer’s block is common especially to those people who make writing their profession. It makes real sense! After all, a professional writer is always under pressure as to which topic to choose and has to finish the draft on a specified deadline. But I’m not like that. I’m a blogger. I write whatever that comes in to my mind, what interests me, what annoys me, anything I could think of – without the hassle of having to meet a deadline or having to satisfy the taste of editors (who will keep editing your work until it’s not yours anymore..hahaha). So I’m not supposed to have this writer’s block, don’t you think?

I’ll be back into writing. I know this block is temporary.

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6 thoughts on “The One with the Blank Screen Syndrome

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  2. Whenever I have writer’s block, I always go and read passages from my favourite books or poems to get my creative blood pumping. It might not work for some, but it gets me thinking and inspired!

    • archie zamora

      I’ll try that, Louise. What you just said Is a nice idea and I think it’ll work for me, too. I love reading, only that I need to find adequate time to do so. And perhaps taking time-off from daily routines could also help, don’t you think? Thank you for your comment! I appreciate it!

  3. my approach to writer’s block is just concentrating on something totally different, I love to swim, in the course of my distraction I forget my frustration of not writing and sure enough an idea pops in my head that I would never have thought of before 🙂

    • archie zamora

      That’s a nice approach too, Veehcirra. Swimming is a great exercise and stress-reliever, which helps our bodies function well (and that includes re-energizing the brains). And by the way, I think that there are times when ideas pop up in our heads especially when we don’t try thinking about them. It’s like trying to find stuff and you can’t find it, but then when you don’t search at all, that’s when you see it! Did it happen to you too before?
      A nice idea you have in there, and I’ll try that one of these days. Thank you for your comment! I appreciate it!

  4. it happens a lot to me,that concept is applicable in many aspects of life, its like they say… when you let something go if it was meant to be it will always comes back to you 🙂

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